Major Facilitator Superfamily Permeases


The Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS) Permeases are a diverse superfamily of transporters represented in all three kingdoms of life. E. coli K-12 has 84 members of the MFS superfamily. A description of this superfamily can be found at the Transport Classification DataBase TCDB: TC 2.A.1.


EcoFam Multiple Alignment of the MFS Family:
PDF format

EcoFam Paralog Tree of the MFS Family:
PDF format

The multiple alignment was created using the EBI Muscle server. The multiple alignment figure was produced using the ESPript server at the Universite de Lyon, France.The unrooted tree diagrams are drawn using the Phylodendron server at Indiana University.

Crystal structures for two of the E. coli K-12 MFS proteins are known, e.g. LacY PDB 1PV6 and GlpT PDB 1PW4 . See their GenePages for addition structure links.