The YpfM family has >10 members in Gram-negative bacteria, usually 19 or 20 amino acids long. ypfM was identified during a hunt for new sRNA genes because it displays a variable third position conservation pattern indicative of a coding region (Wassarman, 2001). Matching sequences were found in other bacteria, e.g. Salmonella, Yersinia and Erwinia. The Salmonella and E. coli protein sequences are identical, but there are three silent third position changes. Four different sequences were found in Yersinia species, all having an additional Ala residue at the end to make them 20 aa proteins. The S. glossinidius genome has a 28 codon ypfM ORF, but there may be a sequencing error in the first base of one of two tandem CAG codons at positions 19 and 20.


EcoFam Multiple Protein Alignment of the YpfM Family:
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EcoFam Multiple DNA Alignment of the ypfM Family:
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EcoFam Ortholog Tree of the YpfM Family:
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The multiple alignment data, the multiple alignment figure, and the neighbor-joining tree data were created using ClustalX locally. The stop codons were aligned manually. The tree figure was drawn using the Phylodendron server at Indiana University.