Frameshifted Pseudogenes


36 frameshift reconstructions of pseudogenes are currently annotated.


Translational frameshifts are caused by insertions or deletions that are not multiples of 3. If the insertions or deltions are larger than 3, then the mutation is annotated as a deletion or insertion pseudogene. In the reconstruction of the frameshifted DNA sequences, the one or two added bases are removed; one or two missing base(s) are replaced by N(s). The reconstruction is guided by a Genbank-style join statement, except that the overlapping base(s) in the join statement for one or two base deletion(s) are replaced by N(s) rather than the repeated base. If an intact allele DNA sequence is available from another E. coli strain, then the missing amino acids are replaced in the protein sequence recosntructions, in some instances.