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Oh,2000luxA slide(135); Genosys gene 4Show data
Barbosa,2000marA Panoramagene 1Show data
Oh,2000glucose (40 mM) vs acetate (40 mM)slide(111); Genosys and customgrowth 1Show data
Oh,2000glucose (40 mM) vs glycerol (40 mM)slide(111); Genosys and customgrowth 2Show data
Gill,199937C vs 42Cnylon membrane; Panvera Inc.growth 1Show data
Tao,1999minimal glucose vs rich LBnylon membranes; Panorama array, Sigma-Genosysgrowth 1Show data
Tao,1999minimal glucose vs minimal gluconatenylon membranes; Panorama array, Sigma-Genosysgrowth 2Show data
Richmond,1999isopropyl-beta-D-thiogalactopyranoside (IPTG)slide and nylon membrane; PCR customchemical 1Show data
Richmond,199937C vs 50Cslide and nylon membrane; PCR customgrowth 2Show data