Welcome to EcoGene 3.0

EcoGene 3.0 is new web interface for EcoGene.org built using the Drupal 7.0 open source website software. EcoGene 3.0 beta release was launched August 5, 2011. EcoGene 2.0 (based on the now obsolete PHP-Nuke website platform) and EcoGene 3.0 both present data from our daily-updated MySql relational database. However a planned major expansion of the scope and content of EcoGene.org will be available only through EcoGene 3.0. After a beta testing period of about three months, EcoGene 3.0 will replace EcoGene 2.0 as the production www.ecogene.org interface. EcoGene 2.0 will remain available via a link on the EcoGene home page for those who might prefer to continue using it. Please report any problems you find with this beta version of EcoGene 3.0 to krudd@miami.edu.