GenePage for the ppdC gene of Escherichia coli K-12

Primary Gene Name: ppdC
EcoGene Accession Number: EG11154
K-12 Gene Accession Number: ECK2819
MG1655 Gene Identifier: b2823
Gene Name Mnemonic: Prepilin peptidase-dependent
Alternate Gene Symbols: ygdA
Description: Predicted prepilin peptidase-dependent DUF3728 family protein; required for swarming
  # bp Upstream # bp Downstream
MW: 12003.91 ---------107 aa Pre-Run BlastP UniProt
Pre-Run BlastP NR+Env
Left End: 2962441
Left Intergenic Region

Name: recC_ppdC

Length: 12 bp gap

Orientation: Codirectional-

Left_end: 2962429

Right_end: 2962440

Centisome: 63.82

Genomic Address
Minute or Centisome (%) = 63.82
Right End: 2962764
Right Intergenic Region

Name: ppdC_ygdB

Length: 16 bp overlap

Orientation: Codirectional-

Left_end: 2962749

Right_end: 2962764

Centisome: 63.83

The N-terminus of PpdC contains an N-terminal cleavage/methylation motif G-FXXXE (PF13544); the first 10 residues of PpdC may be cleaved by prepilin peptidase, making an N-terminal N-methylphenylalanine in the process. PpdC is the prototype for the DUF3728 family of predicted prepilin peptidase-modified proteins of unknown function (PF12528). PpdC is required for swarming motility (Inoue, 2006).

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