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Multi-enzyme digestion FASP and the 'Total Protein Approach'-based absolute quantification of the Escherichia coli proteome. Wi?niewski JR
Rakus D
2014J Proteomics109322-3125063446Genes
Linear superposition and prediction of bacterial promoter activity dynamics in complex conditions. Rothschild D
Dekel E
Hausser J
Bren A
Aidelberg G
Szekely P
Alon U
2014PLoS Comput Biol10e100360224809350Genes
Determining the control circuitry of redox metabolism at the genome-scale. Federowicz S
Kim D
Ebrahim A
Lerman J
Nagarajan H
Cho BK
Zengler K
Palsson B
2014PLoS Genet10e100426424699140Genes
Bacterial adaptation to cold. Barria C
Malecki M
Arraiano CM
EcoGene 3.0. Zhou J
Rudd KE
2013Nucleic Acids Res41D613-2423197660Genes
Bacteriophage T7 protein kinase: Site of inhibitory autophosphorylation, and use of dephosphorylated enzyme for efficient modification of protein in vitro. Gone S
Nicholson AW
2012Protein Expr Purif85218-2322951189Genes
Real-time assembly landscape of bacterial 30S translation initiation complex. Milón P
Maracci C
Filonava L
Gualerzi CO
Rodnina MV
2012Nat Struct Mol Biol19609-1522562136Genes
Role of helix 44 of 16S rRNA in the fidelity of translation initiation. Qin D
Liu Q
Devaraj A
Fredrick K
Profiling of methyltransferases and other S-Adenosyl-L-homocysteine-binding proteins by Capture Compound mass spectrometry. Lenz T
Poot P
Weinhold E
Dreger M
2012Methods Mol Biol80397-12522065221Genes
Mutations in 16S rRNA that suppress cold-sensitive initiation factor 1 affect ribosomal subunit association. Belotserkovsky JM
Dabbs ER
Isaksson LA
2011FEBS J2783508-1721791000Genes
Suppression of a cold-sensitive mutant initiation factor 1 by alterations in the 23S rRNA maturation region. Belotserkovsky JM
Isak GI
Isaksson LA
2011FEBS J2781745-5621418143Genes
Functional investigation of residue G791 of Escherichia coli 16S rRNA: implication of initiation factor 1 in the restoration of P-site function. Song WS
Ryou SM
Kim HM
Jeon CO
Kim JM
Han SH
Kim SW
Szatkiewicz JP
Cunningham PR
Lee K
2010FEMS Microbiol Lett313141-721054500Genes
Translation initiation region dependency of translation initiation in Escherichia coli by IF1 and kasugamycin. Surkov S
Nilsson H
Rasmussen LC
Sperling-Petersen HU
Isaksson LA
2010FEBS J2772428-3920477873Genes
Comparative analysis of changes in gene expression due to RNA melting activities of translation initiation factor IF1 and a cold shock protein of the CspA family. Phadtare S
Severinov K
2009Genes Cells141227-3919840122Genes
Transcription antitermination by translation initiation factor IF1. Phadtare S
Kazakov T
Bubunenko M
Court DL
Pestova T
Severinov K
2007J Bacteriol1894087-9317384193Genes
Cold-shock-induced de novo transcription and translation of infA and role of IF1 during cold adaptation. Giangrossi M
Brandi A
Giuliodori AM
Gualerzi CO
Pon CL
2007Mol Microbiol64807-2117462025Genes
Translation initiation factor IF2 interacts with the 30 S ribosomal subunit via two separate binding sites. Caserta E
Tomsic J
Spurio R
La Teana A
Pon CL
Gualerzi CO
2006J Mol Biol362787-9916935296Genes
How initiation factors maximize the accuracy of tRNA selection in initiation of bacterial protein synthesis. Antoun A
Pavlov MY
Lovmar M
Ehrenberg M
2006Mol Cell23183-9316857585Genes
How initiation factors tune the rate of initiation of protein synthesis in bacteria. Antoun A
Pavlov MY
Lovmar M
Ehrenberg M
2006EMBO J252539-5016724118Genes
Differential promoter usage of infA in response to cold shock in Escherichia coli. Ko JH
Lee SJ
Cho B
Lee Y
2006FEBS Lett 580539-4416405963Genes
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