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Escherichia coli K-12 GenePage Master Page of bhsA

GenePage for the bhsA gene of Escherichia coli K-12

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Primary Gene Name: bhsA
EcoGene Accession Number: EG13436
K-12 Gene Accession Number: ECK1098
MG1655 Gene Identifier: b1112
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Gene Name Mnemonic: influencing Biofilm through Hydrophobicity and Stress response
Alternate Gene Symbols: ycfR
DNA Sequence   # bp Upstream # bp Downstream
Peroxide and cadmium resistance periplasmic protein; biofilm and cell surface modulator; DUF1471 family protein
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Protein Sequence ------------ MW: 8815.04------85 aa ------------ Pre-Run BlastP NR+Env

Left Gene
Genomic Address
Left End: 1169073 ----------------- Clockwise ----------------- Right End: 1169330
Left Inter Gene Info      Minute or Centisome (%) = 25.20     Right Inter Gene Info

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