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Savage (2007) targetted 120 E. coli membrane proteins for in vivo and in vitro expression.
These 26 MemProtEx-Minus proteins could not be detectably expressed either in vitro or in vitro.


Savage et al. (2007) testing expression of 117 N-terminal His-tagged clones in vivo using a pET3-derived vector in BL21(DE3) cells.
In vivo expression, and in vitro expression using S30 extracts, were assessed as negative, weak positive, or strong postive using Western blots.
The primary subdivision into subTopics is MemProtEx-Plus (92 positives) and MemProtEx-Minus (26 negatives).

Although Savage (2007) did not find expression of these 26 proteins, 19/26 were expressed in a larger study (Daley, 2005), as detected by GFP.
The seven proteins that neither group expressed are BacA, LeuE, RhtB, YcaP, YcbC, YgaW and YhhN.

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