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RNA Biology         


The 175 structural, enzymatic, and regulatory RNA genes currently annotated in EcoGene include 61 small RNAs, (sRNAs), 86 transfer RNAs, (tRNAs), 22 ribosomal RNAs (rRNAs), one transfer-messenger RNA (tmRNA), and five pseudogenes.


RNA products include protein-encoding messenger RNAs (mRNAs) from monocistronic genes and polycistronic operons. Generally unstable mRNAs have shorter half-lives than structural RNAs. sRNAs can be stable or unstable RNAs Mature, alternative and partial RNA products are the result of ribonuclease processing and degradation, polyadenylation, numerous modifications of primary transcripts. Multiple transcription initiation and termination events can occur in combination to produce many RNA products for the same gene. Incomplete processing contributes even more heterogeneity to the cellular RNA population.

Four small tDNA or tmDNA pseudogenes are either known or predicted prophage insertion att sites. There is one sRNA pseudogene sokA'.
Information on the 175 RNA (including the 5 pseudogenes) can be accessed in a variety of ways:

1) Click the blue "Genes" button on this TopicPage to generate a Results page with access to DNA and RNA sequences, table downloads, and GenePages for 175 RNAs. RNA gene subsets can be accessed from SubTopics.

2) Select "RNA" in the "Product Type" box of EcoSearch and click "Gene Query" to generate a Results page for the RNA genes.

3) Use the "RNA only" checkbox on the Database Tables download page, accessed from here or by clicking the "select the fields to download" link on the EcoGene home page.

During table downloads you have the option to uncheck the "exclude pseudogenes" checkbox.

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