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Proteins of RNA Metabolism RNA Transcription         


RNA polymerase holoenzyme is respsonsible for all RNA synthesis in E. coli.


RNA polymerase core enyme has 1 beta, 1 beta', and 1 omega subunit and two alpha subunits (RpoAABCZ). Any one of seven different sigma subunits, RpoDESNH, FecI, or FliA(RpoF) can complex with core enzyme to make holoenzymes compent to faciliate promoter recognition, DNA binding, followed by the intitiation, elongation and termination of RNA synthesis. RpoD encodes the housekeeping sigma subunit responsible for most gene transcription under normal growth conditions. A variety of additional transcription factors regulate initiation, elongation and termination of transcription, including antitermination factors, transcript cleavage factors and anti-sigma factors.

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