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The lysC 5' UTR contains an L box (also called a LYS element) that is identified by AEC-resistance mutations and homology analysis to be a riboswitch regulated by free-lysine (Di Girolamo, 1988; Patte, 1998; Grundy, 2003; Sudarsan, 2003; Rodionov, 2003; Ataide, 2007). The lysC riboswitch also regulates lysC mRNA decay by sequestering RNase E cleavage sites (Caron, 2012).

There are two promoters, P1 and P2, so there are two 5' UTRs.


The two lysC 5' UTRs are both verified 5' UTRs.

The counterclockwise lysC gene translation start site has been verified by N-terminal protein sequencing to to be at 4231256, Mireille Bruschi, unpublished results cited as a personal communication (Cassan, 1986).

The lysC P1 promoter was mapped at 4231562, creating a 307 nt 5' UTR (Cassan, 1984).

The lysC P2 promoter was mapped at 4231639, creating a 384 nt 5' UTR (Liao, 1998).

The isolated P1-5' UTR was detected as an ~310 nt sRNA, called I002, by Northern blot, and the 5' end was mapped by primer extension to be missing first two bases (Saetrom, 2005).

The DNA sequences of lysC P1 5' UTR and P2 5' UTR can be downloaded by entering 307 and 384, resepctively, in the DNA sequence Upstream box on the lysC GenePage.
Secondary structure of P1-5' UTR as predicted using mfold 3.2 (Zuker, 2003):

Family Pictures

Multiple Alignment (Grundy, 2003)

Multiple Alignment (Sudarsan, 2003)

Multiple Alignment (Rodionov, 2003)

L box consensus secondary structure (Sudarsan, 2003)

LYS element consensus secondary structure (Rodionov, 2003)

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