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TopicPage for Protein-protein Interactions (PPI) of Escherichia coli K-12



Protein-protein interactions are involved in homo-oligomeric and hetero-oligomeric structural and enzymatic complex formation, recognition of regulatory subunits, signal transduction, protein modifications, assembly pathways, chaperone function, protein transport, and other functions. The full set of protein interactions in called the interactome.


A variety of experimental and bioinformatics approaches have been taken to help define the E. coli K-12 interactome. For example, proteins in the same operon tend to be in complexes, indicating that operons are enriched for proteins that function together and do so better in a complex, such as subunits of an enzyme, enzymes in the same pathway, or parts of a molecular machine, like the flagellar apparatus.

Focus areas include:

1) Cytoplasmic and membrane homogeneous and heterogenous protein complexes identified experimentally

2) The use of protein arrays and proteome chips

3) The Doodle website cataloging the results of a large scale in vivo screen for interacting homo-oligerimization domains

Links to individual protein Doodle results are found in the GenePage Resources menu.

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