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The thiM 5' UTR contains a thiamin pyrophosphate (TPP)-binding riboswitch (THI-box).


This 5' UTR represents the riboswitch, not the transcription tsp. T7 RNA polymerase was used to initiate in vitro transcription for most studies. Apparently the in vivo 5' end of the thiMD transcriipt has not been mapped, but it should be upstream of this 5' UTR. The thiM GenePage PDB links are to the structures of various thiM riboswitch/small molecule complexes: 2GDI, TPP; 2HOJ, TPP/Mn2+; 2HOK, TPP/Ca2+; 2HOL, TPP/Ba2+; 2HOM,TMP; 2HOO, BTP; 2HOP, PT (Serganov, 2006; Edwards, 2006).

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