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DNA Repair Proteome Chips         


The ASKA collection of 4256 ORFs (Kitagawa, 2005) was used to make protein chips and to identify YbaN and YbaZ as damaged DNA-binding flipases (Chen, 2008).


Chen et al (2008) identified the top 20 proteins that preferentially bound to each of six different dsDNA-damaged probes, relative to an undamaged DNA control. They also report the top 20 proteins that bind to YbaZ.

The top 20 hits are each a separate subTopic. The Cy3-labeled dsDNA probe binding results are ranked according to the ratio of binding damaged dsDNA binding to undamaged dsDNA control 19-mer (GGAATTAAAGCGAAGACC).
The YbaZ binding results were ranked by signal intensity over background.

The chip-based protein binding results were not validated using other binding assays. These ranked binding are valuable experimental leads but do not necessarily define a physiological or biochemical function on their own.

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