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The predicted yeaVWX counterclockwise operon is between the convergent yeaU and rnd genes. It is a putative catabolic operon for an unknown substrate.


yeaVWX encodes two components of the predicted YeaWX dioxygenase and the YeaV predicted transporter. YeaW is a [2Fe-2S] protein homologous to the alpha subunits of di- and monooxygenases, e.g. the 3-phenylpropionate catabolic enzyme HcaE, and is more closely related to dioxygenases. YeaX is paralogous to Hcr, the oxidoreductase that reduces the hydroxlyamine reductase [2Fe-2S] protein Hcp. YeaX is also paralogous to PaaE, the oxidoreductase component of the Paa multicomponent phenylacetic acid degradation enzyme phenylacetyl-CoA oxygenase.

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