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AAA+ ATPases Sigma 54 Regulons         


Bacterial Enhancer Binding Proteins (bEBP) are members of the AAA+ family. The bEBPs bind to Sigma 54 and remodel it while hydrolyzing ATP, thus allowing Sigma 54 to initiate transcription. The bEBPs subdivide the Sigma 54 regulon into sub-regulons.


13 bEBPs are members of the AAA+ remodeling ATPase family with a specialized AAA+ sigma 54 binding domain. The Sigma 54 binding domain is characterized by four Prosite profiles PS00675, PS00676, PS00688 and PS50045. Five bEBPs are also response regulators of two-component systems including AtoC [AtoS], GlnG [GlnL], NorR [?], ZraP [ZraS] and YfhA [YfhK] (predicted or known cognate sensor kinase proteins are noted in brackets). These five and some others have C-terminal DNA binding domains. Additional regulatory domains such as GAF and PAS are also found in some bEBPs.

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