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Stalled RNAP-Promoter Complexes         


Thirty four out of 118 candidate promoters screened were active enough to be assayed using KMnO4 footprinting in vivo (Hatoum, 2008).


The 34 active promoters assayed for stalled RNAP complexes are aroKp2, cspAp2, cspDp, cspGp, cydAp, gatYp, groEp, hns-p, hupAp, icdAp, infCp1, lacZp. lpp-p, manXp, mgtAp1, mgtAp2, ompAp, ompCp, ompFp, osmEp, pdhRp, pnp-p, ptsIp1, relAp, rnc-p, rplKp, rpsAp1, rpsOp, rpsUp2, rrnAp2, rrnBp2, rrnCp2, rrnGp2, and tnaAp.

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