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Static curvature at documented promoters was assessed computationally for static curvature and 225 promoters were identified as preceded by significantly curved/bent DNA (Olivares-Zavaleta, 2006). An EcoGene CircleMap shows a relatively even distribution and orientation, with the largest gap centered around the chromosome termination/segregation locus Dif (marked by the neighboring gene hipA). A gap is not seen at oriC, also marked on the CircleMap.


The GenePages for the 225 genes that immediately follow the curved promoters have links to the static curvature prediction plots at the Computational Genomics Group at the Instituto de Biotecnologia UNAM (Olivares-Zavaleta, 2006).
Nine of the 225 promoter region curvature predictions were tested by observing anomalously slow DNA gel migration of PCR fragments of the 400 bp upstream of the nine coding regions (Fig.3, Olivares-Zavaleta, 2006). The lacZ control promoter region migrated normally as a 400 bp fragment and the aproximate apparent sizes of the 9 bent 400 bp upstream fragments from Fig. 1 are: ptsH (900 bp), aroG (900 bp), purC (600 bp), argC (500 bp), purH (700 bp), argD ( 600 bp), livK (900 bp), pyrC (500 bp), hns (600 bp).

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