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ribB expression is apparently controlled by a flavin mononucleotide (FMN) responsive riboswitch in the 253 nt 5' UTR. This RFN element 5' UTR has been reported in intergenic sRNA searches as sroG Vogel (2003).


Attenuation of transcription at the FMN-bound riboswitch produces the 149 nt sroG sRNA, ending at 3182592. The experimentally determined RNA start for sroG is the start of the ribB mRNA. sroG is not annotated as a separate gene and the sroG transcript is part of the ribB mRNA.

Mutations in the ribB riboswitch resulting in excretion of riboflavin were isolated as genetic suppressors of a rutE mutation allowing growth on pyrimidines at 37C (Kim, 2010).

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