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yciZ(deoL) and yciT(deoT) are in an operon (Elgrably-Weiss, 2006).


Alternative possible start codons for yciZ(deoL) include the TTG just prior to the ATG chosen here, which still has good spacing to the RBS, and an ATG three codons prior to the annotated start, but this first YciZ ORF ATG does not have an RBS associated with it. deoT stands for deoR-Type based on its homology to DeoR, and deoL stands for deoT leader peptide (Elgrably-Weiss, 2006). However, deo is reserved for genes known to be involved in deoxyribose metabolism, so deoT and deoL are designated as synonyms. Additionally, there is no evidence that YciZ(DeoL) acts as a regulatory leader peptide.

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