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Long 5' UTRs         


An unusually long 349 nt 5' UTR of the ydfK mRNA can act as a thermosensing post-transcriptional regulator of YdfK translation (Raghaven, 2011). The ydfK is a Qin/Kim prophage gene and ynaE is the corresponding gene in the Rac prophage. YdfK and YnaE differ by only one residue and are probably isofunctional. The 349 nt preceding ynaE is 98% identical to the ydfK 5' UTR thermosensor with only six mismatches and therefore the ynaE and ydfK 5' UTRs are probably isofunctional thermosensors. The probable ynaE 5' UTR is annotated the same as the ydfK 5'UTR as a reliable prediction.


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