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mRNA 3' UTRs (Untranslated Regions)         


The 37 nt 3' UTR of the accD gene ends in a predicted factor-independent transcriptional terminator.


The accD 3' UTR features a terminator at nt 9-37 (mfold dG = -21.4 kcal/mol). The accD terminator limits transcriptional readthrough expressing the downstream folC and dedD genes, which are dependent on the accD promoter. The major accD 1041 nt mRNA species is the monocistronic transcript, but accD is also part of the 3155 nt accD-folC-dedD polycistronic mRNA and operon. A Northern blot of accB mRNAs indicates a major transcript ~1 kb and a faint higher MW band consistent with 10% readthrough of the accD terminator to form a ~3 kb transcript (Li, 1993). Increased plasmid-based expression of FolC activity depends on the presence of the accD promoter; maxicells indicate ~10-fold higher expression of AccD than FolC, consistent with readthrough expression (Bognar, 1987). There are only 32 bp between the accD transcription terminator and the folC ATG and there is no evidence for promoter in this region, although a weak -10 sequence is noted (Bognar, 1987).

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