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mRNA 3' UTRs (Untranslated Regions)         


The thrABC mRNA has a 37 nt 3' UTR as determined by RNA-Seq analysis although a more obvious Rho-independent terminator can be predicted for a 56 nt 3' UTR which is possible processed to a 37 nt 3' UTR.


Precise mapping of RNA 3' endpoints has defined the end of the thrABC mRNA (Conway, 2014). Although the authors indicate that TransTermHP has confirmed this as a likely factor-independent terminator, this prediction could not be confirmed using mfold since the delta G of the small stem-loop is only -0.5, although the weak stem-loop is followed by a string of UUUs. Just downstream of this mapped 3' end a Rho-independent transcriptional terminator was previously predicted as a stable stem-loop (delta G = -19.4) followed by a string of 6 UUUUUUs that would make for a 56 nt 3' UTR (Parsot, 1983).

The thrABC terminator, like most terminators, is leaky and allows readthrough transcription in vivo into the yaaX gene but this readthrough transcript ends within the yaaX gene, at codon 83; thus yaaX is not part of an extended thrABC operon (Conway, 2014). EcoGene does not consider this readthrough transcript as part of the thrABC operon. Microarray studies may indicate regulation of yaaX due to regulation of thrABC due to this readthrough transcript even though more intact YaaX would not likely not be made under these conditions.

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