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Long 5' UTRs         


A 204 nt 5' UTR for yaaX is predicted.


The yaaX promoter has not been mapped but a strong match to the consensus sequence of known RpoD holoenzyme promoters (P-value = 2.3e-5) has been predicted as the yaaX promoter; this predicted promoter overlaps the thrC stop codon (in the -10 region), partially overlaps the thrC transcription terminator, and predicts a 204 nt 5' UTR for yaaX (Heurta, 2003). The conditions for inducing the yaaX promoter are unknown but it may need to bind an anti-terminating RNA polymerase complex to get past the internal transcriptional terminator that has been mapped in the yaaX gene for the thrABC readthrough transcript (Conway, 2014).

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