Welcome to EcoGene-RefSeq

EcoGene-RefSeq is being developed as a Web application to facilitate the usage of EcoGene-based tools with any of more than 2700 complete prokaryotic genome sequences. The data source for EcoGene-RefSeq is NCBI’s RefSeq bacterial genome records in GFF3 (Generic Feature Format Version 3) format.

            The applications ported to EcoGene-RefSeq include:

PrimerPairs-RefSeq, a tool for automatically designing genome-wide sets of primers to engineer either a clone library or a deletion strain collection.

Search & Download, allows for  retrieval of gene subsets, which can subsequently be used to design primer pair subsets.

Dynamic Gene Maps and restriction Sites Maps, displayed on GenePages for genome navigation.

Cross Reference, gene identifier mapping for database linking and data integration.

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Please cite the following reference for this resource: EcoGene-RefSeq: EcoGene tools applied to the RefSeq Prokaryotic genomes, Jindan Zhou; Andrew J. Richardson; Kenneth E. Rudd, Bioinformatics 2013; doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt302