Microarray Experiments in McLean 2010

McLean 2010Peroxynitrite toxicity; Oxidative stressE. coli K-12 (MG1655)MWG E. coli K12 ArrayPeroxynitrite was added directly to growing cultures in log phase which triggered an up-regulation of oxidative stress response genes. Transcriptomic analysis of cells treated with hydrogen peroxide alone also revealed up-regulation of oxidative stress response genes but not of many other genes that are up-regulated by peroxynitrite. The authors show that the cellular responses to peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide are distinct. Samantha McLean
1 chemical experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataNameConcentrationTime addedDurationComments
Chemical1Show experimental dataPeroxynitrite300 ?MOD600=0.65 minutesThe cells were grown aerobically under highly controlled conditions of pH, aeration, and medium feed rate, to allow changes in gene expression to be attributed solely to peroxynitrite. The experiment was carried out in triplicate and a dye swap was performed for each.