Microarray Experiments in Kwon 2011

Kwon 2011Bacterial growth; Succinate adaptation; Tolerance; StressE. coli W3110; DST160 (succinate adapted W3110)Slide; Axon GenePix 4000B ScannerSuccinate adapted cells were created by growing continuous cultures of the wild-type cells. The culture media was changed every 10 turnovers (100 hr) with the succinate concentration gradually increased by 0.11M. The continuous culture reached a steady-state at which point the succinate concentration was 0.592M. The cells were then harvested for DNA microarray analysis. Pil Kim
1 chemical experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataNameConcentrationTime addedDurationComments
Chemical1Show experimental datasuccinate0.592MSupplemented M9-Glucose medium100 hr; OD600=0.2Differential expression of selected genes in the wild-type9 (WE3110) and succinate adapted (DST160)strains of steady-state E. coli.