Microarray Experiments in Conrad 2010

Conrad 2010Regulatory adaptation E. coli K-12 MG1655 Affymetrix GeneChip E. coli 2.0 A transcriptome analysis of small deletions within the rpoC gene encoding the B-subunit of RNA polymerase. MG1655 was subjected to adaptive evolution for 25 days in glycerol M9 minimal medium (GMM) at 30 degrees C to OD600=0.3. Robert Landick
3 gene experiments
Exp TypeExp IDExp DataGene nameAlleleComments
Gene1Show experimental datarpoCrpoC(3132..3158); RNAP B'(T1045-L1053)deletionstrain del27 vs wild-type MG1655
Gene2Show experimental datarpoCrpoC(3120-3143); RNAP (B'(M1040-R1048)::I)deletionstrain eBOP43 vs wild-type MG1655
Gene3Show experimental datarpoCrpoC(3120-3143); RNAP (B'(M1040-R1048)::I)deletionstrain eBOP42 vs wild-type MG1655